Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hiya 2014

There's something about new years eve that makes my mouth go dry and my head throb.

It's not fear, far from it.

But its other things.

Uncertainty. Nervousness. Helplessness that the last few moments of the year are slipping away and you don't know if you made this year as sucessful as you had wished last year this time.
But apart from the crazy hodgepodge of feelings in your stomach, when those final seconds are counting down you know your hopes and dreams and wishes for the upcoming year.

But its also something else.

Refreshing. Empowering.

It may be nothing more than the replacement of a 3 with a 4 but it means so much more. It means a blank page. A fresh start. A new beginning. And everyone in the world deserves a blank page. A fresh start. A new beginning.

Take this year. Make it yours. Fill it with your wishes, your adventures, your thoughts and memories.

2014 is a blank notebook. And it waiting for you to write in it. For your life to fill its pages.  

May 2014 be a prosperous, healthy joy-filled year for you and your kin.

2014 will be your year. I know it.

Year Timeline

I had my Dinner Dance

Went to England
Went to Paris
Went to Neil's Birthplace
Went to Switzerland
I graduated elementary school at Prince of Peace    
I attended Terrence and Nitya's wedding 
I visited New York City and watched the fourth of July fireworks
I started high school                      
I got confirmed
I attended homecoming
I joined the GNHS Knight Times newspaper staff
I turned 15
I visited Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota