Friday, August 24, 2012


Once again, I am sitting on my couch, bored out of my mind. India came to a bittersweet close, and now school has started. Life is back to normal, leaving us with pictures and memories to remind us of our amazing times in India.

I joined the volleyball team last week, hoping to try something new, and I love it. For all you kids out there, don't be like me and be scared to try a sport, because you WILL regret it. (Trust me..) I am trying to get back into the swing of things back at school. We started on Tuesday. I remember when I made dinner for our '100 Days Till The India Trip' celebration. Right now Neil, Kiren, and Dad are trying to fix something behind the t.v., mom is doing something in the kitchen, and I am sitting on the couch writing this blog post to all of you..

I really had this amazing idea for the 'summer of fun' but time just seemed to slip away from me. On the first day of school we had to write a letter to ourselves that we will get back when we graduate from 8th grade. That reminded me about my letter to my 23 year old self. So, without further adue, my letter.


How are you? Do you still write stories? Did you finish your last one? How many new ones have you started? Are you published? How did volleyball go? Did you continue till High School? Is it still fun? Do you still play? How was high school? Did you go to Carmel? Did you get the scholarship? Was it fun? Are you in college right now? What University do you go to? Is it big? Do you like it? What are you studying to be? Do you still blog? How was 8th grade? What dress did you wear to graduation and the 8th grade dinner dance? Did your bangs grow out eventually? Is your hair short or long? Is it curly, wavy or straight? Who are your best friends? How often do you see mom, dad and Neil and Kiren? Do they still live in Illinois? Whatever it is, just remember that I'm proud of you. I know you have gone far.

                                                                                                   Me ( or you, or I, whatever)