I am a high school student in Illinois who loves to write! I have 2 siblings and a huge extended family mostly living overseas. I also love to read, scrapbook, run and make crafts. I want to be either a:
  • forensic scientist
  • author
  • teacher
  • traveling journalist
  • or something else
I love my family and friends. At this point I want to especially thank:

To Madhu chittipa, for helping me create my blog.
To my amachi, amai, and thathas, for your love and encouragement.
To mom and dad, for teaching me to live life to the fullest.
To Trish, Sophie, Anita, Joanne, Alan (nala), Naty, Mona, Deepu, Diana, Manish, Rahul, Sonya, Shaan, Joey, Sheryl, Tiya, Riyanna, Nithi, and Nina, for all your love!!!
To Rianna and Trish you are seriously like my sisters and I love you loads!
To Dula aunty for being one of my most loyal supporters.
To all my aunties and uncles,and chittis and chittipas, for reading my blog.
To all of you who are 'behind the scenes' in my life, you are my heroes!