Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Goodbye Freshman Year

A college student once told me, "Freshman year will be one of the quickest years of your life."

And being a naïve freshman I ignored them. There's something that makes you feel invincible about high school. But also very very puny. And as I settled into the routine of school and life and family and friends the days slowly morphed from endless days of learning to rapid bouts of studying specked with sunny weekends spent with family. And something that once seemed so foreign suddenly became everyday life. And I waited for the initial fuzzy excited feeling to wear off but it never did. Every day was nothing short of an adventure in itself.

And now here I am, a fifteen year old sophomore-to-be, remarkably different from the fourteen year old freshman to be that I was just one year ago. And I'm so happy to be here, to think about how amazing this year has been and how thankful I am that I will hopefully get many more years similar to this one. 

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