Friday, June 6, 2014

Bucket List: Glitter Banner

Ever since I got rid of my curtains (well, to be honest my curtain rod fell and I've never found the time or effort to put them back up) I have gotten into the habit of making a banner to hang up for each season or holiday. For Halloween it was tiny candy corn, for Thanksgiving it was turkeys, and for Christmas it was paper snowflakes. So first order of business on my bucket list was to make a banner to remind me that it was summer. 

I decided on orange as my theme color, accenting it with white glitter. I cut a circle out of cardboard and used it as a tracer for my other circles. Using modge podge I covered half the circles with white glitter and left the extras blank. And then I strung the whole thing up on an old piece of white ribbon and wrote SUMMER on it in my favorite polka dot lettering. And violá a perfect banner to remind me when I wake up in the morning that school is out and I can go back to sleep.

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