Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Bucket List

Yesterday, in a random bout of boredom I decided to keep up an old Summer tradition of mine. A summer bucket list filled with attainable goals for the summer of 2014. Some of them are a little bit crazy, but all of them can be done with a little bit of help and ,in some cases, will power. They are not in any particular order. Here they are in all their glory, in case you can't read them (They are written in neon marker, it can be hard to read I know):
  1. Make a glitter banner
  2. Visit Jones Island
  3. Watch a movie at a drive-in theater
  4. Make gummy bear popsicles
  5. Reach level 45 in Bakery Story
  6. Read The Kite Runner
  7. Watch a classic movie or play
  8. Ride Goliath at Six Flags
  9. Eat a Snow Cone
  10. Have a movie night with friends
  11. Buy cute trinkets from Goodwill
  12. Take sparkler pictures
  13. Sleep in the basement
  14. Visit a museum
  15. Make a time capsule
  16. Have a bake-off
  17. Wake up early to watch the sunrise
  18. Send a postcard
  19. Watch The Fault in Our Stars (Released June 6th)
  20. Finish your Wreck This Journal
  21. Eat a full watermelon
  22. Keep up with your blog
  23. Buy a pair of overall shorts
  24. Have a disney movie marathon
  25. Make Nutella puppy chow
  26. Go one week vegetarian
  27. Go one day without internet access
  28. Take a trip to Maryland
  29. Start a new T.V. Show
  30. See a movie in Millenium Park
  31. Attend a festival
  32. Finish all your summer school assignments
  33. Finish 2 novels
  34. Eat breakfast for dinner
  35. Go to the Grayslake Farmers Market
  36. Try on fancy dresses for no good reason
  37. Donate clothes and buy new ones
  38. Volunteer your time
  39. Get your ears double pierced
  40. Create a photo journal of the summer of 2014
  41. Use sidewalk chalk paint to cover the driveway
  42. Eat at Chik-Fil-A
  43. Have a cupcake at Georgetown Cupcakes
  44. Find a flattering maxi dress
  45. Eat at Cava

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