Monday, March 17, 2014

Takeoffs and Landings

I honestly don't believe that there is a feeling akin to the feeling you get when a plane takes off.

You've probably felt it before.   

It when you feel weightless yet heavy at the same exact time. You feel like you're floating but your heart is being pulled towards your stomach and you feel like you may just fall right through your seat.
I love plane rides in general. There's something about how the world looks from mid air that makes everything seem small in comparison.

How tiny the cars on highways look against a backdrop of mountains.

How even in sunny California the Rocky Mountains are snowcapped and gleaming.

How a city glows at  night like thousands of twinkling stars, revealing its hope for sunlight when morning dawns.

How being of miles away from the ground can make you feel more small and human than you have ever felt before.

Something About The Snow

There's something different about the snow this year.

It shines differently in the light, like glitter. And maybe I've just never noticed it before, the beauty of the white powdery substance, but I think it's changed.

I have seen more than enough snow in this winter alone than I needed to see in a decade. And the snow gets passed by, simply because it is an inconvenience. Which I understand. There is nothing more annoying than snow in your shoes, being tracked into your kitchen or car or somehow ending up all over everything.

But there's also a simple beauty to every flake that falls. How it alerts us to the wintry holiday season that is approaching and rings in the new year with a fresh set of clean white snowflakes dusting the ground. And as much as I complain about of how I have to trudge through it for what seems like miles on my way to school, the world wouldn't be the same without the wonderful snow I have come to love and admire.