Friday, June 27, 2014

Love and Miss You Grandma.

On June 10th, Heaven received a beautiful new angel, my wonderful grandma Mary Rayan. I wrote a small eulogy that I read at her funeral below:

It was truly a privilege to have known a woman as amazing Mary Rayan. The day she passed, I received phone calls from all over, each person testifying to the impact that she had in their lives. She didn't have to do much. Her quiet, simple nature spoke louder than any words that could have been said. She had an infinite amount of patience, whether it was dealing with her children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren. The amount of Double A Massages that she endured are countless and she always tipped well too. She always made her grandchildren feel at home in the India house. Grandma never needed much. She could be kept happy and entertained at home with her rosary and some SunTV. Every day in the summer once she woke up she would ask me to turn on the tv for her. And begrudgingly I would climb out of bed and show her how to turn on SunTV. But every morning she would stand at my bedside whispering "sorry yuna, just show me one more time, please yuna". One day a couple years ago grandma lost her favorite brown rosary. She pleaded with me to look for it in exchange for whiskey filled chocolates and money. But I was busy and I never truly looked. In March, shortly after the diagnosis I set out to find it once and for all. And I did find it after a bit of searching. I kept it in me bedside table foolishly believing that I would have infinite opportunities to give it to her. Well, I know I never got to give it to you grandma. But I found it and I'll give it to you one day. Grandma has taught me many life lessons, the most important of these being patience, kindness, simplicity, unconditional love and humility. And her amazing legacy lives on within each of us every single day. We each have inherited some part of grandma; her smile, her laugh, her sense of humor, her singing voice, her loving spirit. She was loved and adored so much that all eight of her children dropped everything they were doing and sacrificed their jobs and families to be at their mothers bedside. And I am so honored to call such an extraordinary woman as you my grandmother.

Love you Grandma. See you again someday.

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  1. wonderful Yunama.....I feel so bad that all these days I missed this post as I had the thinking that you were too busy to update your blog. Mary akka was such a wonderful human with all the great qualities a human should have and much more than that. I can never forget her funny talks, her twinkling eyes, that infectious smile and I love her naughtiness. She will always be there in our hearts....