Friday, May 2, 2014



Two days ago a friend asked me a question. It was so simple that it caught me off guard. And I didn't have an answer for her.

"Are you happy?"

After two days of careful contemplation I realize that the answer is yes. I am happy. Truly and honestly blessed in every single thing. And once in a while we need a sign that reminds us how happy we should be everyday just to be alive with all the blessings that we have. And so I started the 100 Happy Days challenge. 

How long can you be happy for? 10 days? 50 days? How about 100 days?

The best part of the challenge is its simplicity.

Post one picture a day that shows something you are happy about. It can be old or new, it can be of you or of an object. It can be posted on instagram, twitter, blogs, youtube. Whatever it is, make it special. Think it out.

You are not competing with anyone. Not searching for popularity. If you do either of these, you loose the challenge before you even begin.

So join me. Every day post what you are happy for in the comments.

How long can you be happy for?

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  1. Yunama.....your write up took me off guard too.......You are right ...we should be happy for the simple reason that we are alive and that too with good health. I am so happy about your write up ...thatha also feels the same. Keep writing ..and you can be a part of making others happy you kanna...