Friday, October 12, 2012

As Summer Subsides and Fall Begins

Fall has to be one of my favorite seasons.

The colors are just gorgeous, the weather is brisk, and it signals that my birthday is just around the corner.

Since we got our new camera, I have been a little obsessed with taking pictures. 

But then again, who wouldn't?

With all the pretty falling leaves and colors, every time I'm outside I feel like I need to keep the memories. Tomorrow I'm going to rake up the leaves in our yard and take some action shots of Kiren and Neil jumping in. 

So, bask in the change of scenery and take in a breath of fresh air.

Swimming, Traveling, Relaxing
Outdoors, Golden, Bonfires, Colorful
Raking, Changing, Falling
Brisk, Chilly

1 comment:

  1. oooh this is just beautiful! is this how your lane looks in fall??? WOW! Keep the pictures coming !