Saturday, January 28, 2012

Finished Science Fair Project

Hi again!

Here is my finished science fair project. Judging is tomorrow, but I am really sick so I don't know if I will be able to go. I really hope I will be able to though. A lot of the kids in my class have Scarlett Fever, but that is not what I have, though the throat swab results won't come in until Monday. Here are some pictures:


  1. oooh...Dont worry Yuna ma. You will be alright soon. I hope and pray you will be able to go for the judging. The pictures look amazing. Although, I cannot read the content, I am pretty sure it is awesome stuff. Keep it up! You are all so smart for your age. I dont remember a thing of what I did when I was 13 :-(

  2. My poor baby....heard from mom how sick you are...and you missed going for the judgment. Don't worry as you did the project with so much of passion and its upto your satisfaction. Thats very important. Hope and pray you are up to go to school on Monday.The pictures look lovely.

  3. Kanne, how are you feeling? Hope you are better. take care..

    1. I am feeling a lot better and was able to attend judging, thanks to all of your prayers!

  4. Great to hear that Yuna ma! Take care :-)