Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Long Time No Post...........

Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I posted last! This week we did our standardized testing and it has been pretty easygoing. We are planning  a traditional 8th grade dinner dance, and mom is doing the goodie bags, so she has been very busy as well. We reached 100 days till the India trip on Monday!! Other than that, it's realllly boring over here.

This week I have been spending extra time with my story, so I decided to let you read the first paragraph:

My name used to be Annika Luisa Matthews.

I lived in a big brown house on the corner of Oak Street and Acorn Boulevard.

I used to have a big family. I used to have a mom, a dad, an older sister named Annalisia, the little twins Nate and Eve, and the new baby Genevieve Lea.

 I used to go to St. John’s junior high.

I used to never be afraid.

But I’m different now.

But I’ll never forget that day that my life changed forever.


What did you think? I know it's very vauge, but I don't want it to give too much away. Comment with any suggestions!!

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  1. wow...thats a pretty interesting beginning for your story.....Keep it up. And I hear that you have started count down for your India too. Looking forward for your Zuccinni muffins...