Monday, February 27, 2012


Hi everyone! I am going to be trying out some thing new this and next week. From today till next Friday I will be interviewing 4 or so people about different things. Every few days you will get a new interview to read. The best way of learning is through others experiences! Here is the first interview:

Q & A with Rianna
Rianna is my best friend and recently moved to Florida. These aren't her exact words because I dit up a little bit before I turned it in for a homework assignment.

How did it feel moving to a new school?

It was hard to find all my classes but it got really easy and now I love this school. I have a lot of friends and amazing teachers.

Did you make friends easily?

I met new friends on my first day and still have a strong friendly relationship with all of them.

What was different from your old school?

The thing that was different from my old school was that you were allowed to use your phones at lunch time and we have less homework now.

What was the most different: Florida or the new school? Why?

Florida was way more different than Chicago because Florida is warmer than Chicago and in Miami it
barley ever snows. School wasn’t as different because it really didn’t differ from my old school.

What is your favorite part of your house?

My own bedroom and my own bathroom in my room. It is my favorite thing because in the old house
I did not have my own bathroom so I had to share with my brother. In this house I have my own
bathroom and I don't have to share it. Yayy for me!!

What is your favorite part of your neighborhood? Why?

My favorite part of the neighborhood is the people because they are really nice and helpful.

What do you have as a remembrance of us?

I have the scrapbook you made me and photos we took in Chicago of our last days there. I also have
your picture on my desk at home.

Can you describe the houses in your neighborhood?

The houses are humongous and beautiful. I love them sooo much! I love to just walk around the
neighborhood and look at them.

What is the most exciting thing about Florida?

All the people and the shops and MALLS!!!!!!!!!!

What do you miss from Chicago? Why?

I miss my friends and cousins.

Where do you go for fun and recreation?

The malls. It is amazing how many malls they have. You can never get bored of the shops. Ever. I also
babysit our neighbor’s twins. Every Friday, after school ends, all the kids in school go to the Coldstone by the school. It is really fun to see everyone there. The pool in my backyard is almost done, so that is also another place where I would go for fun.

Has your family ever moved before this?

I have never moved in my life before this, so this was a really big change for me.

What have you learned from this experience?

I’ve realized that I’m capable of picking up and moving all of a sudden. I never thought I would be able to do it, but I’ve realized that even though I miss all of you, I am adjusting to life over here well too.

Thanks Rianna!!

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