Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Things......

Oh, look at me posting twice in 1 day!!
As part of my resolution (I didn't blog this one) I have been carrying around an assortment of notebooks around with me to jot down story ideas, sayings, and names that come to mind. Before, I used to think of them, but by the time I got a pencil and paper I forgot what I was going to write. The answer? I made a notebook at my friend Jenna's sleepover out of a legal pad and some stamp stickers. Now I carry it around and write my strange ideas in it. Yesterday, we went to the pool and I couldn't stop replaying situations in my head and turning them into short stories. I wrote them down, and  really like the gripping thriller I am on the track of. Just a few weeks ago I wrote a little story on the life of an indentured servant and I ended up using it in a Social Studies assignment.

I also got this backpack as a belated Christmas present from my friend Brie. Perfect for India!!

Over the summer I also got this bulletin board from Marshalls. I just put some new pictures on it so I thought I'd take some pictures of it.

Wishing you all a great week!

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  1. I always remember you carrying a note pad and pencil whenever you travel and seen you jotting down many details. I had always secretly admired you for doing that. Its a very good habit ...like writing a diary. Keep it up dear Yuna...you are going to go places.....