Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hello again..

Hi everyone! Long time no post. Unfortunately, my laptop charger busted, and dad tried to fix it, but he ended up chopping it up instead. So I have been waiting for the new charger to arrive, but until it does, I am going to be posting from Dad's work laptop. The work laptop takes a long time to turn on, though, so that's why I haven't posted in a while.

My school is very close knit. My class has only 16 students, so we are like a little family. We just got a new student today, so we were really excited. He just moved here from China and doesn't speak a lot of English. He is very nice though, and has adjusted well.

Kiren's Girl scout troop participates in a yearly program called 'Thinking Day.' For Thinking Day every troop chooses a country to do research on and present it to the other troops on Thinking Day ( This Saturday.) This year, the troop has decided to do India. I an going to talk about bharatanatyam and Mom is going to make idli and sambar for them.

Well, other than that, no news from here. Hope that all of your 'Superbowl' Weekends were fun.

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  1. Hi Yuna ma...nice to see you back :-) So, the laptop charger was the culprit, uh? Mom is making the delicious idli sambar again??? WOW! I hope you girls dont trouble her with 'mini' idli specifications ;-) Just kidding! Have fun on this 'thinking' Saturday!