Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Much Ado About Nothing............

There are so many long-term things going  on here rather than short term. India trip has just taken over a larger part of my brain, so I am thinking about it a lot. Really my schedule is empty, even though I really think it is very full. I have been thinking about the possible Canada trip, my newest story, India, homework...... lots and lots to do, it seems, but really most of this I don't have to worry about for a while. School's been fun, and I am just realizing that I am almost done with my 7th grade year. WOW! My class of 16 has been even smaller recently because of the flu. Today we only had 13 kids show up.

 Sometimes it feels good just to lay back and watch the time fly. But it's during times like those when I miss all of you.

Hoping that you are happy and safe, enjoying the new month!



  1. I am just counting the days for your you say theres nothing for me to do either these days. Myself and thatha are planning everything from receiving the gang one by one (which means many trips to the airport), clearing up the cupboards to give room for your clothes, arranging kiren's communion venue, and the Colombo trip.For you guys there are a lot to look forward to. I am just wondering how to manage the fight between Riyana and Sheryl over me..rather owning me...hmmmmmm.......

  2. Ha ha ,.....good one! By both the grand daughter and grand ma. Aunty, you should also consider writing a blog. Oh man, it just sucks to grow up. Wish I was a child, everyone taking care of everything, no worries....pure bliss !

  3. Kanne, long time post :-( Guess you are busy with school. Otherwise, hope things are good. Take care.