Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hello From India!!

Hi everyone! Our plane ride was loads of fun. We went on Etihad airlines. All of our seats had tv screens on the back, so we constantly had things to do. I watched Kung Foo Panda, Madagascar, Journey 2 and I listened to music. The food was good. They gave us ice cream to eat, but I was asleep and mine melted! We had a quick stop in Abu Dhabi before flying the final 4 hours. When we reached India we whizzed through immigration and met Amachi and Thatha. There were 3 things that I realized when we stepped out of the airport. 1. It was crowded. 2. It was loud. 3. It was boiling. Not exactly the most exciting mix. India is really hot most of the time, but we all still are jet-lagged so we spent the hottest time ( 1 p.m.- 5p.m. ) sleeping. So far we have only left the house 7 or 8 times. Neil, Kiren, Riyana, and Tiyasha are loving and and getting ready to go to the pool. We will leave for Bangalore in a few days. I am looking forwards to the wedding and communion. Hope everyone is doing fine. I just redid the layout to my blog to give it a summer-y vibe. Bye!

Coming up: Bangalore Trip and Letter to 23 year old me 

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  1. Hey Yuna! hope you are having lots of fun in India with everyone. We feel really bad that we missed seeing all of you. You should visit us soon! I was busy for about a month too. I love the new lay out. Although , Nithi misses the curls in your previous font :-) She started writing her name like that, all curly! Looking forward for more posts! Take care and keep blogging ;-)