Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hot Chocolate on a Cold Day

There are only a few things that make me as happy as much as hot chocolate does on a cold day.

It's like waking up really early and the relief that you get when you find out that you still have another 3 hours to sleep before school starts.

Or the feeling of shock when you jump into a cold pool. 

Or the first snow of winter.

Or getting on a plane to go somewhere exciting.

Or taking a warm shower.

Or waking up on a snow day with the satisfaction of knowing that you won't have school that day.

Or riding a roller coaster and the way your stomach jumps after the first drop.

It's all these amazing feelings that you get. But I still think that drinking hot chocolate on a cold day trumps the rest of the list.

What are 3 things that make you feel happy? Comment below!


  1. wake up the laptop to see a new post in Yuna's blog, Trish learning one more instrument, hearing my children's bubbly voices when they talk to me over the phone....ofcourse there are so many other things.....but the priority goes to the above you and God bless...

  2. mmmm...I have really not thought about the top three 'making me happy' things. You have got me thinking...lets see,
    1. for now, a warm sunny day would take me to the moon.
    2. a familiar smell from back home, like the coconut oil, jasmine flower , the smell of the palms of my mother etc..
    3. meeting friends or even the possibility of looking forward to be with fun and loving people like you :-)