Sunday, May 12, 2013

Europe Trip- Part One

'Ello from England!

We left home on Saturday (May 11th) morning around 7:00, really late for our 9:00 flight. We arrived close to 8:00. Our flight was domestic because it was just to DC, so we had to check in 45 minutes prior to our flight. We were in the wrong line for almost ten minutes when someone directed us to the right area. We checked in with 1 minute to spare! The flight was mostly spent sleeping because I was dead tired from packing last night after the dinner dance. We landed in DC at about 11:30. Two of our three duffel bags were still in Chicago and were scheduled to arrive in an hour. We waited for my cousin Joanne to arrive, because she was on her way back from college. Then we met up with the rest of her family, my cousins Anita and Alan and my aunt Sumathi and uncle Rienzi. Our luggage had arrived by then and we all went to eat at Cosi and Noodles & Company. Afterwards we went to Georgetown Cupcakes! However, the line was too long and we were scared to miss our flight so we drove past without buying any cupcakes. It began to drizzle so we sat the car as Anita and Joanne drove us around the White House and all the nearby attractions. We saw the Vietnam Memorial too. We had to switch airports from Reagan Airport in DC to Washington Duelles Airport in Virginia. We were really late coming back to the airport because we thought we had to be there 45 minutes ahead of the flight time to check in, but actually when you are going international you have to be there an hour ahead of departure time. The airport was not crowded at all and we got through customs and checked in really quick. There was a cardboard cutout of President Obama and we had fun there. The plane was really cool with personal tvs and shows and movies and music and everything. I listened to my iPod, wrote in my travel journal and ate cookies. I slept the rest of the flight and then we were in Manchester England! My aunt Arthi and uncle Cleatus came to pick us up and then we went to mass. Afterwards we all fell asleep with jetlag. Kiren slept on top of the giant bear (see picture) but I think that my jetlags worn off now. Then Matthew thatha and his family came over to celebrate Sheryl and Safy chitty's birthdays.

More updates to come soon!
Georgetown Cupcakes! Yum

Having fun with President Obama at Washington Dulles

Kiren struggling with jet lag

Celebrating birthdays

The sisters!

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  1. What fun Yuna ma! It was like being with all along the way from Chicago to Manchester. Loved Neil's pic...he has almost the same ears and teeth like Mr.President :-) The bear looks more tired than Kiren akka. Is that Ananya next to Samantha? She has grown so much.