Thursday, May 16, 2013

Europe Trip- Part Two

So we did practically nothing Monday. 

Yup. 4,000 miles away from home and mom and dad decide to take a 'lazy day'

After relaxing until 6, we went out for dinner to celebrate my cousin Sheryl's birthday. We were going to go to the mall, but all the malls here close at 6. We went to this amazing restaurant called Cosmo. They had food from 9 different countries like China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Mongolia, Singapore, Vietnam, Britian and India. The also had an amazing dessert bar! We made chocolate chip ice cream with the vanilla ice cream and chocolate from the chocolate fountain.

The next day (Tuesday) we went to a cute little town called Matlock we saw all sorts of things on the way there like cows and goats. When we got to Matlock we took a cable car to the top of the mountain. Then we took a tour into the caves. Later we ate at a restaurant and saw horses. We met a peacock named Kevin and a peahen. Afterwards we went to Balsover Castle. After coming home we went to the local grocery store, Tesco to buy groceries and candy and stuff. I bought Cadbury chocolates filled with Oreo cream and topped with Oreo crumbs. I also bought Harbiro candies.

Wednesday we went shopping because Trishali, Sheryl and Jonathan (my cousins) had school so we didn't have anyone to play with or talk to. We bought 4 bags of chocolates and candy and then we went shopping. I ate tea and crumpets for breakfast. Crumpets taste really good, kind of like a sweeter version of an English muffin. I ate it with butter and a bit of Nutella. Then for lunch I had fish and chips. I don't eat seafood, but the fried batter tasted really good. The chips (fries) tasted good with the gravy too. 

Right now we're all getting ready for Trishali's violin concert. We are staying at their house in Doncaster, England, about 3 hours South from London. Tomorrow we're going to Scotland. Friday night and Saturday we'll be in London. From London we'll be taking an underwater train to Paris. After spending a day in Paris we'll drive to Frankfurt au Main, and we might stop by Italy for a few hours on our way. All other plans are still tentative. 
The chocolate fountain at Cosmo

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

The kids at Matlock

Climbing up to see the horses in Matlock

Horses in Matlock

Matlock Train Station

Cable cars in Matlock

The view from the cable cars.

Castle in Matlock

Kevin the peacock

Walking through the caves

Bolsover Castle

Crumpets. Five stars!

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  1. Your pictures are just lovely! I like the food pictures a notch above the others ;-) I think you a have a knack for them.