Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hooray, A Wedding!

Weddings in my family are anything but normal. 


This month we had one of the best weddings I've ever been to. And I personally love weddings, so I decided to compile a list while giving you the components of uncle Terrence and aunty Nitya's wedding.

Steps to having the 'MOST FUN' wedding ever:

My uncle Terrence and aunt Nitya had their wedding in Connecticut, fulfilling the first step: 

1. Do not have the wedding close to home. Make it fun with a commute. 

Now, not being able to drive, this is the most fun way to have a wedding because it means that: 
-everyone gets to eat out instead of eating at home
-you get to sightsee nearby
-you get to stay at a hotel
-everyone stays in a single place instead of going home after the wedding ends
-lots of family bonding


2. Hotels are fun. But only if they have a swimming pool.

This is definitely one of the important ones. I love staying at hotels for weddings because everyone is just so close together the whole time. And don't have your wedding at a hotel without a swimming pool, you're just wasting money.

  3. Let there be dancing.

The best weddings don't just have dancing, they have DANCING. This means that all men, women and children are on the dance floor until midnight at least. Dancing includes a couple of organized dances and then an open dance floor and DJ for the rest of the night. Terrence and Nitya had both and they were amazing!


4. The wedding must go past midnight.

Uncle Terrence and Aunty Nitya's wedding ended at midnight, but we roamed the hotel until 2 am.

 5. Henna is a must.

Unless everyone attending the wedding is wearing white, go for henna. There were a lot of stains, but in the end it was worth it.

  6. Cool wedding entrances? Uh, yes!

This wedding party's entrance was fantastic. Let's just say that the flashing sunglasses made a HUGE impact :)

7. Adorable wedding party

Rohan had this one covered. 

All in all, weddings are an amazing experience for everyone involved. Our family just has a lot of fun with them, the dancing and the ceremony. Can't wait for the next one! (Sonya, we are bringing home the prize for you!)

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