Monday, July 1, 2013

This Is Family

This is family.

Sitting together and playing Uno, even when your hands are aching.

Even when it's getting annoying.

Even when you have been hit by 3 draw fours in a row.

Even when you don't have a red and have to pick through a deck of what seems like 400 yellow cards.

Because family is more than bloodlines and who lives under the same roof as you.

Family is about who would eat your overcooked spaghetti and slightly burnt garlic bread and pretend like it was the most gourmet meal on the planet.

It's about who would wake you up at midnight to ask you to switch bunk beds with them.

It's about the people that secretly promise to let you watch Paranormal Activity even after mom says no.

It's the people who can't get rid of you no matter what.

Its about the people who would sit and play the longest, butt-numbing, laughter-filled game of Uno that you have ever heard of.

Thats real family.


  1. Well said Yunama.....there are hundreds and hundreds of unsaid things too..........however love, understanding and most of all patience need to be maintained to maintain a family.....

  2. awwww, how sweet Yuna ma. THANK YOU ( is that what I should say? , I am really out of words here). It is our Yuna ka, Neil Anna, Kiren akka, Preethi aunty and Geethan Uncle ( or The Geethan man, as Kandee says). So it is always a pleasure. We love you all! For the record, The Uno game was the most fun we had in a long time and the spaghetti was fantastico!