Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Neilu is Turning 10!!!

For those who don't know who Neil is, he is my baby brother. Well.... technically not a baby anymore (*cringe*). He is turning *10* tomorrow!
My Letter To Neil

Dearest Neilu,

      Happy Birthday Neil! 10 years! I can't believe it! You are the sweetest child I have ever met. You have so much love and care for others. So many of the other younger children look up to you. You put your mind to things, a trait that I have always envied. You never leave a task half-done. You look for the sun hiding behind the clouds and the rainbows after the rain. Even though you annoy me, smell up the bathroom with your 'boy-soap', and fight with me all the time, know that I love you sooo much.

                                                           Stay sweet, Darling,
                                                                              Your Big Sis, Yuna-corn/Yuna-brow


  1. Oh my god ..can't believe neil is already 10....and already using boy soap?.....hahahaha......I bet he is going to finish off all of thatha's deos when he comes to India and we have to get used to our smelly Neil(ofcourse the sweet smelly ).....